Monday, September 17, 2012

Settling In

Hey, sports fans!

Well, the hectic whirlwind that was known as last week is finally over and us BSC Panthers are returning to a state of normalcy!

After coming back from our trip to Raleigh, we had a quick turn-around and a Wednesday game against a previously unbeaten Piedmont.  Scoring was the name of the game (at least in the second half!)  We ended up winning that game 5-2.  Some great things about it were:

-Devin McDonald scoring her first career goals! (She had a heck of a game)
-Avery Newcomb's celebration that was of complete and utter SHOCK after she scored
-Sammy Manzo not quite knowing what to do on a throw in and then screaming out Brazil when that meant NOTHING to our team!

We then had a game on Sunday against Agnes Scot and faired well with a 4-0 win!

Now that the girls have settled in and finished Rush for their sororities, and are now starting study hall and everything like that....we get to focus on our daily activities.

We have our game against rival Emory this week and are very much looking forward to that trip to Atlanta!

Come out and support us!

Devin McDonald's goal!

Kelly Craft's goal!

Sarah Lombardi challenging the keeper!

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