Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012 Season is UNDERWAY!

Greetings, Panther fans!  

Another exciting season is upon us.  We welcomed 9 new freshman into our program on Friday.  Already in our short preseason, we've asked our players to really focus on the be comfortable with each other, while being confident in everything they do individually so we can be a force collectively.    

We have done a series of team activities...a campus-wide scavenger hunt, a team-building improv session, a photo shoot made for the most serious of models, and as a team we attended church together at First United Methodist Church of Birmingham's service... theLOFT.  

With every hour we've together, we've gotten to know each other a little better. It has definitely has been a few short days filled with lots of laughter.  

In the improv session, the girls were asked to work outside of their comfort do something that most people hate: public speaking.  I asked them to own their moment, to completely immerse themselves in what was being asked of them, to use their imagination, and to help their teammate succeed.  By fully committing themselves to the task at hand, they would help their teammate by keeping the little skit going.  

I was blown away.  Not only did they do what I asked of them, but they were absolutely hilarious in what they came up with.  

If you go to our team youtube page: PANTHER YOUTUBE you can scroll through and find the video that your daughter did!  The groups of three had to act out a scene not by using words, but through counting to 50.  The pairs did straight improvisation.  

I hope you enjoy their comedic talents! 

We get to FINALLY get the balls out tomorrow and see what the squad, 27 deep, can do.  

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