Friday, August 26, 2011


In a fast and furious manner, the BSC Women's Soccer team steam rolled through their allotted preseason period.  With a limited amount of practice time, the Panthers had to make most of their time spent together on the pitch.  Going through 2 a-day sessions, ice baths, pool workouts, team yoga, and eating three meals a day together, this year's squad got to know each other quickly.

What we have seen so far is a determined, motivated, and hard-working group of student-athletes who are primed to make the most of their opportunity.  This opportunity we talk about is being able to play for post-season play.  That alone has raised the energy level up another notch.  Our seniors: Linda Amaya, Sara Menton, Jillian Theibert, Lauren Metzger, Alicia Plotky and Emmy Hollis have been waiting three long years for this moment.  Scores matter, their records will show up in a win-loss column....

We hope that regardless of if you are a parent, friend, relative, former player or you once roamed the campus of BSC, that you will come and watch us as we make this journey.  We will do it as a unified group, headed in a positive direction.


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